My Alaskan Adventures


One of my favorite self-written lines of truth is,
“When you’re willing to go, God will take you places.”

That continues to ring true in my life,
as I am currently writing from a place unlike any other, Alaska.

As much as I would love to simply roam free in this wonderful land, I have been called here to work, and I am finding ways to glorify God while doing so.


This summer is more than just making some money though (I mean paying for college is a real necessity, but life’s so much more than that).

Although I’ve been single for awhile, this summer I’ve been called to an intentional season of singleness in complete devotion to growing in my relationship with God and in my relationship with myself.

AND I’ve answered that calling.

Certain aspects of my life remain unknown (future relationships, life after college, what I’ll have for dinner)…


Today I am able to free-style sing, because I know that He already has a plan, and I don’t need to know what’s going to happen.

Some answers will be given to me, but some will remain beyond my needed knowledge, and that’s a wonderful and glorious thing!

There’s no need to worry along the way, I just get to watch, experience, and freely & fully live as it all beautifully unfolds in His perfect timing.

As I was departing good ol’ Michigan a kind friend encouraged me,

“Above everything else just soak it all in. Love your surroundings ’cause you’re about to be in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.😊”

I am here and I cannot argue that in the slightest,
and I plan do to just so everyday that I am blessed to be here.

Stay tuned,
More to come…


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