Do Me a Favor & Please Assume

1. suppose to be the case, without proof.

“Assume” is just one of those words that when used, often has a negative connotation.

It’s often attached to uncertain situations leading to disappointed feelings.

I’m sure many have heard of the old saying that goes, “When you assume, you make an a$$ out of you and me, (a$$-u-me).” [Please excuse my vulgar language.]

I’m not here to challenge or disregard any aspect of that, because for the most part I agree.

‘Assuming’ in a negative aspect is almost always detrimental to a relationship or situation and often leads to negative repercussions that could have easily been avoided through effective communication. That’s not what I intended to write about though.

Keep reading, because often words that are commonly known in our English language as negative, when approached abnormally have an undiscovered side that is quite interesting.

Read on.

For a long time I had struggled with the feeling of having a friend group in which I belonged to. I had many internal battles of self-love, worthiness, and acceptance. It was in this time of wrestling-with-self (and God) that I grew tremendously in my relationship with Him. I gained peace in knowing that God is my father and my friend, and that He is with me wherever I go. I often prayed long and hard that God would place people in my life that I could walk beside, who would support and challenge me in continuing to grow as a person and ultimately in my relationship with Jesus.

God granted that desire of my heart (in His timing) and I have been able to grow closer with a handful of wonderful humans. It was once I had these wonderful people surrounding me that I gained an inside perspective that I had been unaware of during my time observing from the sidelines.

Digging deeper to consider the aspect of assuming amongst individuals in which you consider your close friends…

It’s about ready to get real real, so please press on.

When special events are happening or going to happen in your life (depending on your life season this could include your birthday or an upcoming football game), we’ve all experienced that gut-wrenching awkwardness of inviting yourself to tag along with people. You may feel like you’re intruding, being a nuance, or simply dragging along.

With that in mind, and quite frankly, I want to have well-established, authentic relationships that will aid in avoiding the awkwardness of having to invite myself (or feel the need to guilt-trip invite others) when wanting to celebrate life’s moments together.

I want to have both ends of the party (myself and my friends – pun completely intended) simply assume that we want to celebrate lives moments in each others presence and enjoy spending our company amongst each other.

So friends, do me a favor and please assume.

K.Rae & A – thanks for joining my life journey & allowing me to join yours



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