S T R I P E / O N

Stripes are (still) in, and folks they’re here to stay.

Whether you’re dressing warm in the winter chill or cool in the summer heat, stripes are sure to dress up, dress down, or simply complete your ensemble of choice.

Featured here is a Fashionista who is ready to take her school by storm.

Let’s take an in-depth look at her outfit, from bottom to top.

These functional shoes are perfect for long walks to and from class around campus and for random adventures!
Her breathable jeggings (from maurices) allow her to stay cool enough when outside in the heat, and comfortable enough in the classrooms that are blessed with cool air conditioning. Plus that hot nail color!
This top is simply put “the staple piece” of her outfit. Let’s be real, this style top is a must have in all our wardrobes, so versitile!
This necklace is probably my favorite. It’s simple, yet authentic, her signature piece. The necklace front reads, “I am.” On the flip side, this particular necklace reads “loved.”

That’s what I love about jewelry. There is always a deeper meaning, explanation, or social justice cause that is behind the piece of body decoration.

This fashionista is so worth loving,
and just as her necklace truthfully proclaims,
she is loved!

Stripe on Fashionistas/os.
Stripe on.


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