She Is

‘She is delightfully chaotic; a beautiful mess. Loving her is a splendid adventure.’ // I’ve never met Steve Maraboli before, but those written words of his can unexpectedly pierce the heart of a gal casually scrolling on Tumblr just as swiftly as they danced across the screen. // My story doesn’t quite fit that puzzle piece though, never being much of a Tumblr user. Regardless, after reading that I’m still left here wondering how exactly to love myself. Not the casual type of love that most college students have for a hot ‘nd ready pizza after a long week, but to have a love for myself the way Jesus loves me. // Back to Steve’s proclamation, my raw, authentic self will often proclaim to be a mess. Yet, even in the midst of my mess, God sees me as beautiful and is using that mess and turning it into a message. // To continue, my people know me to be a self-proclaimed adventure enthusiast. I’ve learned that life with Jesus is THE greatest adventure. One supplement that stems from that, that doesn’t fall far from the tree, is the grand adventure of cultivating self-love. // Believing that God looks at me and gently whispers, “WORTHY,” even when all the fibers in my being seem to fall short; finding peace in Him that reaches far beyond my human comprehension; residing in His love and loving myself through it all; reassuring myself that I am a child of the one true King and I am SO WORTH LOVING. // I’m part of a good vibe tribe. These words of Steve that I for so long swooned over a future ‘someone’ to one day say to me, I now confidentially reassure to myself. Much love to all my friends. 💙


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