Dark Places Amidst the Land of the Midnight Sun ☀️

Foreword: I wrote this piece some time ago while in AK. I postponed sharing it then, because even for myself (at the time) it was too fresh to share (on my mind and in my heart). After giving it some time to settle, I had the concept reappear again in my studies (She Reads Truth), and I knew it was now time to unleash these trains of thought from the tracks of my wandering mind. Happy reads.

My own self-proclaimed words-of-wisdom had quickly and swiftly come back to bite me in the heart-wrenching places of uncertainty.

“When you’re willing to go, God will take you places.” [Destination: DETROIT]

It happened the morning my goTandem daily devotional read,

“God wants access to the dark places of our lives; He wants us to let Him in. Are you willing?”


An epiphany – not only is God physically taking me places in my journey, but He wants to take me to new places spiritually, too. Specifically, He wants access to the dark places of my life. God actually wants me to go to those dark places of my life in order to let Him in.
What left my mind mangled was wrestling to find an answer: Am I really willing to go there?

It’s funny because I’ve noticed God seems to do that quite often: brings you to one realization, just to have your mind stumble upon that same realization with a new set of lens; rocking your world and bringing you full circle facing Him in all His glory, yet again.

Simply put: I was left with a decision.🔀

Visit the dark places of my life (mainly my unsavory past relationships), opening those wounds back up again to be made fresh, knowing well that doing so would give God the opportunity to shine His light though (something He so longs to do).
Continue on as normal, closing the blinds and keeping the darkness inside. All the while as the light continues to shine bright, willing and longing to bring me through the darkness.


One interesting aspect about being in Alaska during the summer months is the twisted concept of daylight. The sky is lit when I crawl into bed at night and it’s lit when I roll awake for breakfast in the morn.

Frankly, I’m one who likes the darkness. It’s when the stars come out to play and the moon gets to shine in all it’s glory. I’ve noticed people are more willing to be vulnerable during the night, allowing our guards down because those listening can’t see us. I’ve also noticed that the darkness is often where we are most susceptible to untrue thoughts hand delivered by the devil to creep into our defenseless minds.

Right here and now I am surrounded by light in the physical realm, yet being called to go to the darkness of my past in the spiritual realm. 

Another train of thought came chugging around the tracks: maybe the physical darkness has the same effect on us when allowing God into the dark places of our life. We are more vulnerable in the dark, yet we have an odd sense of security because feel unjudged. Here me out: in comparison, we should have a stronger sense of securinty going to our dark places because despite however dark your past (or present) may be, the love Jesus has for you is not stopped nor slowed in the slightest (Romans 8: 38-39).

That’s almost scary.
That’s scandalous.
I am clearly far from perfect.
I am not deserving of that kind of love and grace.
& that’s what makes it so beautiful though;
It is the scandelous grace of His love that endures forever,
shining bright in the midst of my darknesses

Fast forward to current time:

Being real with myself and my raw emotions, lots of prayer through journaling, long nights of silence and wrestling with God, forgiving them and myself, and much more…
Friends let me tell you, I see the light.💡
 Praise the Lord, I see the light!

Letting God into the dark places of my past relationships, allowed Him to make me whole and content with His presence alone. This has shone a light into future relationships of my life that haven’t even began to happen yet.
Now that’s what’s up (2 Corinthians 4:6).

: 🔆

If you feel like you’re in the darkness, open the blinds! God wants to take you to those dark places in order to bring you through them: stronger and closer to Him than before. Through prayer actively fight against becoming comfortable with the darkness. God has an adventure of a lifetime in the light, in Him who is the light of the World (John 8:12).

* I caution us to be on guard in this time of going to the dark places of our life. For the devil knows well that as we go to those dark places of our life to let God in, we are vulnerable. So he is right there whispering lies we so often tell ourselves: that we aren’t worthy, we aren’t ready for that light, we can’t handle going to our past again, etc.
Today I pray against those as we go together and travel to the dark places in Jesus’ name, to let Him in, so His light may shine in us and through us.

Just as we don’t doubt the existence of the sun ☀️ on a cloudy day, ☁️
so too we shouldn’t doubt the power of God’s hand working in and through the darkness of our past and present and future to come.

Let the light in.
Then, keep it lit 🔥


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