10 Good-to-Knows

There are some things in life that you don’t get a chance to learn until you learn them the hard way. There are also some things that I have thoughtfully been taught.

Some people may not have not been taught some of these.
I wanted to share 10 things that I consider general life lessons or things that are “good-to-know” no matter your age or season of life:

1. Provide your own transportation – whether it’s to a first date, to a party, or out to dinner with friends, it’s always good to rely on yourself for transportation. Your plans won’t depend on other people’s schedules, and you’ll have the option to leave whenever you want to. Yes, carpool whenever possible, because it lessens your impact on the environment; but in certain circumstances, provide your own transportation.

2. Bring your charger with you – I know it may seem like a nuance at times, but you never know when a spontaneous adventure is going to strike a chord and you’ll be gone for hours on end with no opportunity to return to wherever your charger is without it being an actual nuance. Unplugging from technology every now and again is good for the soul, but if you know or think you’ll need your phone, pack your charger just to be safe.

3. When jumping a car, turn the vehicle off – do this before you connect the negative to the negative and the positive to the positive. Also, know how to jump start a car in general. That and how to change a tire. Keep a pair of jumper cables in your trunk (see number 8).

4. Walk against traffic; bike with traffic. A pedestrian is to walk facing oncoming traffic in order to make eye-contact with drivers and/or bicyclists and be able to make haste decisions for their safety if needed. Read more.

5. Know how to address an envelopeletter writing is a dying art and it’s up to us to revive that! High school graduates, become pen pals with your friend(s) who are now in different locations than you.

BONUS: know how to read and write cursive  that Happy 22nd Birthday card from Grandma June is a lot more meaningful when you know what it’s actually saying.

6. Memorize – your Social Security number, your license plate combination, your phone number and your ICE number (ICE – In Case of Emergency).

7. When someone sneezes – the correct phrase is “God bless you,” not “ga-blesh-you.”

8. Things to keep in your vehicle –

  • a candle + matches (if you ever run out of gas in the winter, a single candle will warm up your vehicle)
  • scissors + tape (you never know when you’ll need them)
  • neutral sending cards (Happy Birthday, Thank You, whatever the occasion; when you’re in a pinch they’ll come in handy)
  • emergency food (granola bars and nuts are my go to)
  • a small grill for spontaneous barbequing adventures (I’m only kidding)

9. Photo taking technique – When taking photos of people in direct sunlight, the photo is most likely to best turn out when you position the photographer between the subject and the sun. That is, your subject is going to have to look into the sun. The 1,2,3 open your eyes and snap the shot is usually a safe way to go. This technique casts the shadows at their backs and not at over their beautiful face.

10. When you’re no longer being productive, it’s time to move on. You may have a test tomorrow, but if you have to reread that same paragraph for the tenth time to simply try and make sense of it, close the book. It’s time to go to bed. Life’s more than tests, exams, and grades. Don’t use this as an excuse to not do your work, put your best foot forward, or go to class. All I’m saying that when you’re no longer making progress, it’s time to rest.

CHALLENGE: Have any other Good-to-Knows that you think are worth sharing?
Let’s hear them!

By no means am I done learning.
I’d love to hear what you’ve learned personally or from others.

Let’s keep growing together!


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