16 Things to Leave Behind in 2016

As the year draws to a close, we reflect on our life journey thus far.
We look back at the good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly.

I asked myself and others (their answers anonymous, italicized and in quotes)
“What is something you want to leave behind in 2016?”

1. SAYING ‘YES’ TO TOO MUCH– sometimes we have to say no to things that are good, simply in order to make room for great things in our life. If you feel like you’re headed under, use this turn of a new year as a time to reflect and prune your priorities. What deserves your attention, but you’re neglecting to give it because there’s “too many other littles” that keep watering it down?

2. COMPLAINING – I love going to places where I feel so small. It reminds me how tiny I truly am, and ultimately how insignificant my pety problems are. It helps keep me grounded. “Getting upset over the little things; looking for the 10% that is missing from the already given 90%.

3. STRESS AND PROCRASTINATION – they go hand-in-hand. Stress increases when we procrastinate sending ourselves in a downward vicious cycle. We know what to do (or not do) in order to avoid these, so let’s stop making excuses and simply act.

4. EXCUSES – geez; our society has gotten mighty good at making these. Convincing ourselves to procrastinate, to not do something, or to forget something entirely. It takes a lot of will (or won’t power) to overcome these excuses. Let’s make the time to workout. Let’s schedule a God break – time by ourselves over a cup of hot coffee. Go on that road trip with friends. Your to-do list isn’t going to go anywhere; it will be there when you get back. Schedule the things you need to, in order to be spontaneous when the time allows. ‘Do the things you have to do when you have to do them, so you can do the things you want to do when you want to do them.

5. PERFECTIONISM – let your drive to success propel you further, but don’t let the weight of being perfect weigh or slow you down. Mistakes and imperfections are what remind us that we’re human.

6. THE FEAR OF FAILING (or not being good enough)Thomas Edison. Oprah Winfrey. Walt Disney. Failure is what allows us to learn. We are constantly given the opportunity to try/begin again. Failing does not diminish your worth. You are good enough no matter what product or performance you have to show. Leave behind “limits.” Leave behind “fear.” Pick up your failures and keep moving forward.

7. THE FEELING OF BEING UNWORTHY – you are no longer a slave to comparison. This is a time for you to learn to appreciate the beauty of others without questioning your own. You are so worth loving. You are worthy. Be free, be you, love yourself. “Reverting to negativity; negative self talk; self doubt; low self esteem; self-doubt; comparison; negative habits and old mindsets.”

8. AVOIDING THE FULL EFFECT OF CHANGE – rather than ignoring the elephant in the room, let’s face it head on. Invite change to happen, make change, and allow the affects to help mold us into better human beings.

9. EXCESS – I will own less. Lifestyle: minimalistic. Be willing to pay more for longer lasting products that have less of an impact long term. Focus less on material possessions, create room for what’s important. Less is more.

10. COMPLACENCY– put in effort to the relationships that you want to keep because that is what you hope others will do for you. Be as metacognisant as often as possible. “Leave behind the auto pilot of the brain.”

11. YOUR EX – ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-almost-boy/girlfriend, ex-hookup, ex-best-friend, ex-co-worker, ex-way of thinking. ex-anything. It’s time to leave the past in the past. You have learned. Forgive them. Stop “sulking in the heartbreak”; send your ex’s to Texas. Allow your future to be free.

12. GRIPPING FINANCES TOO TIGHT – I was raised a saver and that’s forever what I’ll be, but I’ve learned that life is so much more than just making money and paying bills. Buy both – get the t-shirt and the sweatshirt at the concert. Add the extra toppings to your mound of frozen yogurt. Sign up for the mission trip. Go on the road trip with your friends. Make memories and don’t worry so much about the money.

13. THE SELFIE – Ahh! Really? Okay, maybe not literally, but here me out: our day and age is drenched in technology, making it really easy to convince ourselves to try to conquer life alone. It’s time to not let the selfie win us over. Unplug from technology, go outside with some pals, soak in this beautiful world. Photos are fun, but be social and take them with people! Like the infamous words of my mother, ‘Don’t be a hermit.’

14. BAD ATTITUDES – [direct thoughts from an anonymous reader]

2016 brought on a lot of new experiences for me. Not all good. Not all bad. I experienced homelessness and jail for the first time, lost my job, had to drop out of school, and my dog died. Why did all this happen? Because I had a bad attitude. I chose to do drugs that led me to being homeless. I chose to mouth off to an officer and steal a car which got me incarcerated. I chose to not go to class, thus failing. I have made so many negative decisions this year because of my mindset. I want to leave my bad attitude behind and start making better decisions for myself to be able to have the life I want one day.”

15. DEPENDENCY (USING PEOPLE AS CRUTCHES) – [direct thoughts from an anonymous reader]

I’m getting married and I want to move out. I want to leave behind my parents.”

16. THE REGRET OF WORDS NOT SPOKEN – these thoughts of “wasted time” we will never get back. In our life journey, we are where we’re supposed to be. Maybe we didn’t unveil our true feelings to our close friend, maybe we didn’t speak up when we could have, maybe we didn’t thank that person in our life who deserves it ten fold. Instead of regretting it, let’s use this year intentionally and not hold an ounce back. Love like crazy. Dance like no one is watching. Laugh out loud. Smile at the ground. “Everything happens for a purpose… Even the negative things that happen carry valuable lessons.”





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