The list that could go on and on…

ON the side of a mountain in Colorado swinging in my hammock //

IN Alaska hiking the lands at the heart of the Kenai //

WITH my new friends volunteering in Omaha, Nebraska //

TO the under-glorified parts of New York City reaching out and loving the people who are homeless //

OUT west in a state I’m yet to meet, with people I’ve just met, loving on strangers (soon-to-be-friends) unlike myself //

etc. etc. etc.

You see, I’m a goer and a doer: I like to go places and I like to do things; and, I like to do things at the places I go. I often catch myself thinking about what I’ve done, where I’ve gone, and where I’ll be going, what I’ll soon be doing.

What I tend to neglect is the in-between. It’s in those spaces (the right here, right now, current time) that I constantly and continuously have to remind myself to hold tight.
God has me right where He wants me, right when He wants me there.

My Tuesday morning 8 AM class? God has me there for a reason.

Living on campus as a Resident Assistant in that one building, on that one floor?
God has a purpose for me there, too.

Going on that random walk and just so happening to pass that person I’ve been meaning to reach out to?
It’s not so ‘random’ when I acknowledge that the director of my life is also the creator of the universe.

It may sometimes feel mundane.
It might sometimes feel unproductive.
The past and the future love to be the talk of the town, but the present will always be the gift of today.

I am here to reassure what you may already know to be true:
whether we are able to recognize it or not.


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