A Letter from the (un)Birthday Gal

I’d like to begin by giving a huge THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who wished me a happy birthday today. Your kind words, thoughts, and wishes are genuinely appreciated, brought smiles to my face, and a warmth to my heart.

BUT to clarify, today is not the actual day I was born into this world…

April Fools’ Day, my friends!

My birthday on Facebook is listed as April 1st – that whole not everything you find on the internet is true.. is a real thing! All in good fun, I keep my false day of birth listed.

– added safety precautions
– to bring awareness on how much trust we put into the ‘facts‘ we find on Facebook
–  for a good laugh every April Fools’ Day (you gotta admit, this is pretty good)
– & to encourage conversation (if you’d like to know my actual birthday, please reach out and I’d be happy to tell you!)

Much love to all.
We can still eat some cake to celebrate. 🍰🙂

Danie G.



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