these people make His House feel like home

His House Christian Fellowship is a campus ministry and here at Central Michigan University is pretty well known.

My freshman year I attended for the first time (because it was recommended to me by an alumi from my hometown). I was immersed with community. I could tell this place was unique.


Last year I applied to be a Women’s Life Group Leader, and my third year at CMU I got to put that into play. Leading with my dear friend, Anna I was beyond excited.

Out of the 8 women’s life groups that meet throughout the week, ours was the only one that met on Tuesday – and that brought additional challenges to overcome.

Growing in faith with fellow sisters and daughters of the King has been so humbling and glorifying.

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I was asked by a member of the His House church staff to lead a Spring Break mission trip. The LORD was calling me to lead, so I did.

New York City, NY. Working with New York City Relief doing

I was stretched, pushed and shoved in so many ways that allowed me to grow in ways I didn’t anticipate.

I’d love to share more about this trip over a cup of joe sometime, but to sum it up I will share a quote from a participant of the trip, about the trip, shared while we were still in the midst of the madness:
“If we were not broken pieces, we would not be able to leave as a beautiful mosaic.”

So true, my friend. So true.

nyc fam plus


these people I met while in these various leadership roles within the church. I am so thankful for the ways in which they continue to mold me into a better person. Challenge me, encourage me, laugh with me, cry with me, eat meals with me, and so so much more.

THANK YOU ALL for making His House feel like HOME.


About Leadership I learned that:
1 – it’s not always what you might want/expect it to be. It’ll be better. Maybe not right now, but in the long run.
2 – the power of physical presence is immeasurable.
3 – not knowing what you’re doing 100% and being able to admit that is so much more honorable and wise than simply, faking it til you make it
4 – being able to cultivate an environment that is going to foster the type of relationships people say will last a lifetime, is truly an incredible experience.
5 – lead with love. always.


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