LAS in Detroit – LEAD Team

It’s my third year on campus, and I finally got placed on the LAS in Detroit LEAD Team.
My co-lead was Conner so the excitement continued.

DAY 1: 

PART 1 –
Jalen Rose Leadership Academy.
15000 Trojan St., Detroit, MI 48235

As a leader, we led our group members from the LAS freshman class to facilitate ice breaker activities with our Jalen Rose student leaders. They played the A-Ok game, did a competitive name and action memorization game, and created Community Standards and Team Goals.

As LEAD Team members, we then facilitated our group of LAS and Jalen Rose students in participating in the Gutter Ball activity and the Alphabet Soup activity.

We had fun, we laughed, we grew closer with one another, and we learned.

Have you heard about the HERD? We stick together!

PART 2 – 

Quicken Loans Tour and Pizzapopolis for dinner!
1050 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48226

We learned more about the company as a whole and the efforts they are putting towards bettering the community in Detroit. They were encouraging each of us to apply for their internship program – one of the best ever

PART 3 –
Detroit Institute of Arts.
5200 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48202

There is so much history being preserved within this building. I have a new found thankfulness for the café found within. There was a piano concert within the Diago Rivera Room. So rich of culture, bursting at the seems

me and my fellow LEAD Team members! So much love!



PART 4 –
DNR Outdoor Adventure Center.
1801 Atwater St., Detroit, MI 48207

This company has taken the outdoors and has placed it within the reach of those in the city. No longer are kids just reading about kayaking in a textbook (if even that), but they are able to try hands-on what that actually is like.

IMG_0706 (1)

DAY 2:

PART 1 –
Class Community Social Services.

There were a slew of jobs that our group split up to do. Some sorting rubbage and recycling, some shredding papers, some making mats out of old tires, some helping prep in the kitchen for that evening’s dinner.

I was in the kitchen. Peeling potatoes upon potatoes. Seemingly tedious work, but when we asked the chef, “Who would peel these if we weren’t here?” He simply responds, “They wouldn’t get peeled.”

photo from: Vince



PART 2 –
Great Lake Crossing.
4310 Baldwin Road, Auburn Hills, MI 48326

The transition back to reality. We ate our last meal for the day in a mall. Modern. Clean. Access surrounding. T’was an interesting juxtaposition to the vastly different environment we were placing ourselves in the last 24 hours.


Detroit, MI is on the rise. We may not be where we would like to be, but we are sure not where were before. Change is good. Calculated and intentional. Show Detroit some love!


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