Buy the Coffee ☕️

Oh, how I enjoy the atmosphere of a coffee shop:
chill vibes,
cool humans,
cute study grooves,
rad open mic nights,
the list continues.

There’s this thought that I’ve suppressed for a while though.
But today, with love in my heart and coffee in my hand, I choose to share it:

Wifi isn’t free!

Okay, so we’re talking more than just wifi here, so don’t tune out now!
Please press on, my friend.

When at said coffee shops, those benefits listed above are made possible because they stem from a business. Although primarily they sell products (coffee, tea, etc.), in order for the customers to reap all the benefits of the experience, you must buy the coffee.

(Sidebar: No it does not have to be coffee, and no you do not have to like coffee to come to a coffee shop. I simply used coffee as a reference to anything on their menu.)

Coming from a former (and possibly future) barista, we love that you want to spend time in our coffee shop! We truly do. Often we spend our time here even when we’re off the clock! However, when you’re here, do us a favor and sauce us some business.

It helps pay for having the building; it helps with electricity costs, it allows for a functioning toilet that flushes and sinks that spew water. It even pays for the wifi that I used to share this with you.

We all know you could use a fresh beverage to accompany you anyways.

Drink up. ☕️

[ photo from Quince Essential Coffee House – Denver, CO ]
[ post made from The Sparrows – Grand Rapids, MI ]



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