30 Seconds of Bravery

One of my favorite things about writing is that I know I don’t have to do it alone. Sometimes a topic or idea is placed in my head or on my heart, but alone I can only reach so far – this is one of those times! I had an idea and wanted input from you all.


You know those moments where you want to or need to do something, but feel super hesitant for some unexplainable reason? Sometimes you need encouragement, a swift kick in the butt, or a reminder of what 30 seconds of bravery can do.
From fellow humans just like yourself, I’m pleased to present:

“30 seconds of bravery allowed me to ___________.”

1 –  “kiss the girl of my dreams for the first time in Holland, MI.”

2 – “baptize the woman I was mentoring after our first mission trip together.”

3 – “change” … “more progressive change, but the 30-second decision to was the hardest.”

4 – “commit to accepting an invitation to volunteer for a weekend at Midcourse Correction Challenge Camps.”

5 – “help a friend in need.”

6 – “admit my mistakes and accept the consequences.”

7 – “move on.”

8 – “trust others.”

9 – “challenge myself.” // “challenge my own beliefs.”

10 – “not stumble over my vows. 

11 – “redefine myself!”

12 – “say NO!”

13 – “put my pride aside.”

14 – “conquer my fear!” … “of singing for the first time in front of a crowd.”

15 – “believe” … “in myself and in those around me. I recently just discovered this, too. It started when I was first able to share my testimony with people on my mission trip over spring break.”

16 – “form new lasting relationships.”

17 – “have freedom.”

18 – “make memories ” … ” I adventured into an old barn, and it was beautiful!”

19 – “make an impact on someone’s day” …  “Compliment someone or speak up when too nervous to usually.” // “make a sandwich.”

20 – “jump into my dream job  ” … “of dancing professionally!”

21 – “give myself a second chance.”

22 – “be strong.”

23 – “push out a child.”

24 – “drive across the country for my dream horse” … “His name is Bedivere, after an Arthurian Knight.”

25 – “see my self-worth and truly love myself.”

26 – “overcome my perceived limits.”

27 – “jump off a 40ft cliff (I’m terrified of heights)!”

28 – “go upside down and eventually kick up into a handstand away from a wall. It may sound trivial, but my handstand practice has meant so much and has done so much physically, mentally and emotionally.”

29 – “share the good news of Jesus.”

30 – “continue living when I have just wanted to give up.”

Try something new. Take the risk. Say yes. Say no. Buy the ticket. Take the ride.
Go out on a limb – that’s where we find the fruit!
You’ll never know it’s worth it if you never do it.
Give yourself a pep talk and remember: all it takes is 30 seconds of bravery and you could positively change your life or some else’s life forever.

“Wow, tough one, perhaps I’m overthinking it. I am brave everyday. It’s hard to decide. I guess it depends on your perception of bravery. Yeah, I’m overthinking it.”


  • “start dating the love of my life 🤗
  • “be whoever I wanted to be, and not who everyone else expected me to be!” … “Like Get married young 💍 and starting a family with my love. 

shout out to all the love birds and all the single eagles of this world!
fly on my friends; share love, not germs.

Danie G.


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