Kissed by the Sun ☀️

It’s that time again – S U M M E R T I M E ! ☀️

The sun is out
the weather is warm
and the drinks are cold.

Clothing to cover up is sparse and (frankly) comparison is on the rise.

You may find yourself questioning your own beauty even after trying to convince yourself that that’s not what defines you.

You long for that sun-kissed glow before you head back to school and sometimes ‘forget‘ to apply sunscreen in an attempt to get just that.

I’m going to tell you something you already know:
that tan is bound to fade.

So, why do we continuously put so much emphasis on trying to get that sun-kissed glow?
Here’s my hunch:
because we have unconsciously trained our brains to associate that as beautiful.

We need to learn (or relearn) these three truths :

  1. TO FIND OUR CONFIDENCE IN CHRIST ALONE – a powerful woman whose heart has been transformed by God is a wonderfully dangerous asset to this fallen world.
  2. KNOW in our head and our heart that our worth is not defined by our outward appearance. Your hair will eventually become stringy; your waist will eventually get a little saggy, your outward appearance will fade. That striking reality is a process that is designed by God; so, why not embrace being human, delicately handcrafted by the one who also made the mountains, sand, and sea?
  3. BE Son kissed – Did you catch that? Not an outward change of the skin by the sun in the sky, but a heart change by the Son of the living God. Then, and only then, will you to truly radiate. You will shine year-round in the midst of a dark world. Even on the stormy winter nights, you will still have that Son kissed glow. You will spark a different kind of   b e a u t y   than the world has grown accustomed to, and people will notice.

So wear the sunscreen and allow yourself to be fiercely loved by God.
Kingdom work needs to be done, and we need you to radiate God’s love to the world.

Danie Leigh


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