I Moved to London, England

Moving to London has not been a PIZZA cake, but it’s been a delicious adventure.
Sometimes I daydreamed about packing my bags just for fun.
Suddenly, just like that, I packed my bags and was off.
Thanking for joining me on this journey!

I am attending school at University of East London. I live on campus, located on the river and near an airport. There’s a coffee shop on campus less than 20 feet (6.1 meters) from my hall. We are in our second week of classes; after lots of adjustments, I think my class schedule is officially set! They call classes, ‘modules.’ Fancy! 

my hall is circular, colored blue, and all the way at the end – closest to the library!

I’ve been able to venture to different parts of London since arriving – making friends with other international students from the states, Italy, Sweden, and Holland! I am slowly starting to join clubs and organizations. I’ve joined a Bible study with some sisters in Christ who are from all around the world! Here are some different adventures thus far:

Soho – Central London

friends in the citylondon      london 2lights

Camden Market – Camden Lock Pl, London

buildingsmarket 2pizzaIMG_2539market   shoesstreetlittle russell street

The British Museum – Bloomsbury, London

greener grassfrontstonestatue    feetmuseumwindow viewnaked manlibbritish museum

Thank you for all the love and support that I have been receiving.
Your prayers and words of encouragement are appreciated beyond measure.

Danie Leigh


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