My Door is Always Open

“My door is always open, kettle is always on, and my sofa is always warm and a place of peace and no-judgement. Anyone who needs to chat is welcome anytime. It’s no good suffering in silence. I have snacks in the cupboard, cold drinks in the fridge, tea & coffee in the jars, and I will be here. You are never not welcome! I sleep with my phone on, and will answer, night or day. I am here – to talk over hot tea, to sit and watch funny cat videos, to go for a drive, to walk outside under the stars, to eat pancakes at iHop at 3 in the morning or 3 in the afternoon – I am here.
Blue Monday is a name given to a day in January reported to be the most depressing day of the year, and January the worst month for suicides. It’s always good to talk, but even better to listen. Even though, according to the calendar, January is almost over, these things are not automatically thrown to the wayside with the turning of every month.
Friends, family, neighbors, residents, staff members, church friends, Life Group gals, co-workers, people – I am here for you, even miles away. With the start of a new season those negative thoughts we thought we conquered can often come back and creep our minds with no concern of our long-term well-being. Those voices will try and scare you into silence, but I urgently ask you to please reach out. My hand is outstretched to yours. Do not be ashamed because I can reassure you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE in the battle. If nobody has told you yet today, or if you’re having trouble telling yourself, YOU ARE LOVED! God loves ya! I love ya! AND you are so worthy of being loved.
We will get through this.
We humans are not meant to be alone.
So come,
let’s be together.

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