inside look

Howdy y’all.

Name: Danielle Germane. Favorite color: brown. I am a leader that follows God. I live my the sun and love by the moon. I am a strange awkward creature, whimsy, and a tad bit addicted to nature n’ beautiful things. I am anomaly and have a love for a wide variety of music.

FAMILY GAL: Growing up in a small town, my family has always been my backbone. Whether celebrating Independence Day together or simply fooling around on a trampoline, my cousins, brothers, and sisters have always been there for me.  


My Grandpa is my inspiration for my art. He painted and taught classes, danced and would do flips and summersaults with his brothers. Since his passing I have gained a greater appreciation for the little artsy things I enjoy. I now pursue those passions wholeheartedly, just the way he would have wanted me to.

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