My Experiences

For the first two years of my college career I was involved in a volunteer program called Lunch Buddies. Every Friday we ventured to a local Mount Pleasant Elementary School and mentored one child (3rd or 4th grade), promoted healthy eating while eating lunch with them, and inspiring an active lifestyle during recess.

Student Council, President: Junior and Senior year of high school I held this leadership position within our Student Council. Having been a member of StuCo for four consecutive years I was determined to help develop StuCo into a successful club and positively impact the students and staff at Hartland High School.

Student Body Government, President: aiding with homecoming, leading Prom Committee, speaking at Hartland’s first State of the School address, etc. TBC

Hartland High School’s KLAA Student Representative: TBC

National Honor Society, Vice President: TBC

Soccer Team Captain: It was a role of leadership that I played not by standing on the sidelines and barking orders, but by playing side by side and encouraging my teammates to become better versions of themselves, on and off the field.


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