My Involvements

I am also an active member of the Fashion Association of Merchandising and Design (FAMD).

I am an active member of Campus Grow.

10348994_713609788730181_4288560650186569230_nI have volunteered years past in Big Brothers Big Sisters and Lunch Buddies provided the same mentoring opportunities that I found at home up here at school. Being an AMD major also motivated me to become a member of the FAMD club. Having a love for nature and an appreciation for everything that it offers motivated me to join Campus Gplanting plants 2row.

From my mentoring in Lunch Buddies I have taken away the appreciation of friendship. Having a ‘little’ who is genuinely excited to see me and hang out with me every Friday makes me feel loved and wanted and encourages me to feel the same. Through my involvemeplanting plantsnt in FAMD I have been given opportunities to further develop my understanding of the Fashion World even if it’s right in the middle of my backyard. I will also be able to become involved in Central’s annual fashion show, Threads. Through my involvement in Campus Grow I have been able to utilize the green house provided on campus as well as have to opportunity to aid in the growing of fruits and vegetables in the local garden on campus.

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