My Passions

TRAVELING AND SPENDING TIME WITH MY FAMILY: wherever the wind takes me, new places or visiting the old, my myself or with people I love, I love getting out of the house.

SERVING OTHERS + SILLY, LOVING PEOPLE: I have gone on 4 different mission trips with my church. The first to Cairo, Illinois. The second to the tornado damaged Harrisburg, Illinois. And the last two to our hometown of Flint, Michigan. Surrounded with wonderful God-loving people, and being able to meet new people while serving the Lord through work for people in need is something that is near to my heart.

GOOD FOOD AND ART: I challenge myself to eat healthy, and to have fun while doing it. Morning yoga to get my senses alive, and physical fitness are a few ways I like to stay in shape physically, and also keep me mentally fit as well.

CRAFTY CREATIONS: I am a self proclaimed artist. I enjoy making art and knitting. I have made this hobby that I love into a small side business, selling knitted headbands to friends, family, and people around campus.

SPONTANEOUS ADVENTURES + THE GREAT OUTDOORS + TAKING PICTURES: I have in me a drive for adventure. I love being outdoors, and taking pictures in general is something that I thoroughly enjoy.

[featured image: taken at my graduation celebration, my sister is the one of the left, we have a beautiful silly and wonderful relationship]

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