So Much More Than a Random Road Trip // Omaha, Nebraska

So much more than a random road trip. This piece is broken up into 4 parts: PRE-TRIP (what). TRIP (so-what). REFLECTION (now what). CLOSING THOUGHT (just that). PRE TRIP: (what). During Winter Break 2016 the Volunteer Center at Central Michigan University sent roughly 18 Alternative Break (AB) trips all across the states. Sign ups for … More So Much More Than a Random Road Trip // Omaha, Nebraska

Challenge Accepted – LeaderShape Institute 2016

After arriving home from college less than 24 hours ago, I hopped back in a vehicle to make the drive to Albion College. 120+ students from Central Michigan University were already there, wrapping up Day 1 of the LeaderShape Institute. I had been asked by CMU Leadership Institute to help facilitate the Challenge Course during Day 2 … More Challenge Accepted – LeaderShape Institute 2016


Detroit – the motor city capitol of the world. Some may argue that Detroit has fallen, but in my opinion as well as the opinions of others, Detroit is still standing strong. I am aware that there are social issues surrounding Detroit – such as flaws in the education system, frequent home vacancy, and a … More Detroit

He Titled It “Lulled”

Take a hot second for this quick read: What? Well, first and foremost define lulled: Okay now I say pay particular close attention to that first one. We all have comfort zones, ranging of different sizes, yes. But, So what? How hard (and how often) am I actually willing to work to get out … More He Titled It “Lulled”

Alpha Leadership Experience

Five weeks of interactive development sessions provided by the Leadership Institute at Central Michigan University. Alpha is not merely a leadership opportunity, but rather a leadership development program where emerging leaders gain valuable knowledge about themselves, and about the people they lead with, that will ultimately better them as leaders as well as the world in … More Alpha Leadership Experience

Leadership Safari MMXIV Reflection [Leafy Sea Dragons]

Many Moose Calls. 5500+ Pieces of Pizza. 2000+ New Students. 179 Different Teams. Five Complete Days of Awesome. One Unforgettable Experience. As a participant, my Leadership Safari experience at Central Michigan University was one worth writing home about. In addition to writing home, I decided to blog about it. My first week as a Central Michigan … More Leadership Safari MMXIV Reflection [Leafy Sea Dragons]