hold her hand

Us thinking about what's to come is us neglecting what we can do now. I always want to hold her hand. But when I do, I grasp her tightly. I don’t want to let her to go. I think if I hold onto her tight enough she won’t go anywhere. Though, even when I’m with her I’m itching to... Continue Reading →


On the Edge

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland. • Such breathtaking views, but looking back at these photos has me thinking. • Do you ever feel like you’re on the edge of a major break though, but where you envision yourself to be seems just as far away now as when you began your journey? Here’s some helpful tips... Continue Reading →

Oh, Little One

I love babysitting. Sometimes though kids would ask the darnedest questions. More than often I'd have particularly younger girls asking me if I had a boyfriend. At the time, I politely said no (with a smile). As if I gave a repulsive answer they would gasp and quickly follow-up, "Why not?!" Now, at the time... Continue Reading →

Kissed by the Sun ☀️

It's that time again - S U M M E R T I M E ! ☀️ The sun is out the weather is warm and the drinks are cold. Clothing to cover up is sparse and (frankly) comparison is on the rise. You may find yourself questioning your own beauty even after trying to convince... Continue Reading →


PLACES I'D RATHER BE – The list that could go on and on... ON the side of a mountain in Colorado swinging in my hammock // IN Alaska hiking the lands at the heart of the Kenai // WITH my new friends volunteering in Omaha, Nebraska // TO the under-glorified parts of New York City... Continue Reading →

Today’s W.O.W. (Words Of Wisdom)

Today's W.O.W - embrace your journey -- life is full of peaks and valleys, long climbs and occasional stumbles in-between // whether you're in a season of struggle, wrestling with God, feeling stagnant, filled with uncertainty, or anything under the sun - you are not alone. you are unconditionally loved by the one who made... Continue Reading →

My Alaskan Adventures

UPDATE: One of my favorite self-written lines of truth is, "When you're willing to go, God will take you places." That continues to ring true in my life, as I am currently writing from a place unlike any other, Alaska. As much as I would love to simply roam free in this wonderful land, I have been... Continue Reading →

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