I Moved to London, England

Moving to London has not been a PIZZA cake, but it's been a delicious adventure. Sometimes I daydreamed about packing my bags just for fun. Suddenly, just like that, I packed my bags and was off. Thanking for joining me on this journey! I am attending school at University of East London. I live on... Continue Reading →


same floor, same room, lots of change

Woldt Hall served as my home for a second year in a row. Strolling into room 007 like James Bond is still a blast. There has been change though. My residents. Some are returners, but most are new. It has been fun watching them grow and learn. My staff. At the beginning of the semester... Continue Reading →

A Letter from the (un)Birthday Gal

I'd like to begin by giving a huge THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who wished me a happy birthday today. Your kind words, thoughts, and wishes are genuinely appreciated, brought smiles to my face, and a warmth to my heart. BUT to clarify, today is not the actual day I was born into this world... April Fools' Day,... Continue Reading →

DAY 001 || YEAR 021

As I begin another adventure filled trip around the sun, I reflect on a journal entry my (roughly) 13-year-old self wrote. I didn’t know then the truth in which it would resonate with me many years later. [ PSA - the original grammar remains, so please excuse the (many) mistakes in advance ] “Some people are... Continue Reading →

She Is

'She is delightfully chaotic; a beautiful mess. Loving her is a splendid adventure.' // I've never met Steve Maraboli before, but those written words of his can unexpectedly pierce the heart of a gal casually scrolling on Tumblr just as swiftly as they danced across the screen. // My story doesn't quite fit that puzzle... Continue Reading →

Today’s W.O.W. (Words Of Wisdom)

Today's W.O.W - embrace your journey -- life is full of peaks and valleys, long climbs and occasional stumbles in-between // whether you're in a season of struggle, wrestling with God, feeling stagnant, filled with uncertainty, or anything under the sun - you are not alone. you are unconditionally loved by the one who made... Continue Reading →

Just BE.

AS humans, we have this thing within us, this thing that constantly wants to be filled with doing something and not wanting to be alone. It’s as if, when we have even the slightest break (in our day to day lives) we feel the necessity to fill it, with something, someone, anything. Usually it’s most... Continue Reading →

Leaping in Faith ↓↑

Last year, at the end of my freshman year at Central Michigan University, one of my Leadership classes had us write a time capsule to our future graduating-selves. One of the questions asked was along the lines of "Were there any opportunities you did not take this year that you regret?" I brutally answered truthfully. I regretted not... Continue Reading →

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