Lucky Day # 13 on the Deemed Unlucky Friday the 13th

Sometimes it's difficult, because there is no immediate change or result. I expect things to change or differ almost instantaneously, but I am struggling with patience and perseverance. A conclusion that I've reached though: If you're not actively doing something to get you closer to where you want to be, closer to where you see yourself,... Continue Reading →


Let’s Get Visible – turn heads and cause second glances

I'm not going to call it a diet. Because it's more than just a diet. It's a lifestyle. Not something that I'm going to work on for a few months at a hand, but rather a way of living that I'm setting myself expectations for. I'm becoming a better version of myself. Creating myself into a... Continue Reading →

Day 1 | Blizzard Warrior

For any fellow Michiganders out there it's no kept secret that today consists of a blazing blizzard and simply nothing less. All things aside, I battled the elements and walked to the studio to delightfully begin my 30 Days of Yoga journey. The wind whistled and whipped, the snow fell frivolously, and luckily the walk was relatively short in... Continue Reading →

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