The Leader Advancement Scholarship (LAS) is a competition, $8,000 scholarship awarded to 40 high school graduate students planning to attend Central Michigan University.

LAS is so much more than just a scholarship. It is a family and an experience. Your cohort (which consists of your class of LAS recipients, pictured for the first time all together below) goes through college living together, taking classes together, and continuously making memories. I have gained family, friends, and life-long memories.


Each student who is a part of LAS gets a mentor that is an LAS member in the grade above them. This tradition has been going on for years and years, and leaves for a family tree that can be traced back for generations and generations (pictured below). Through LAS I have gained a family and relatives that can be tracked back to the beginning of the Leadership Institute.

To be part of such an experience is something that has, and will continue to positively shape and mold my college experience. Pictured below if our Merry Christmas Card photo from LAS first floor, sporting the ever so lovely groutfits. 

[disclaimer: we sometimes refer to ourselves as LASers]10846481_967736919908421_6113203995200251659_n

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