Bottomless Bucket List

1. Go on a heads / tales road trail (flip a coin twice: 2 heads means turn left, 1 tail and 1 head tail means continue strait, 2 tails means turn right. Ride On!) Holland, MI|May 2017

2. ride a train with a cool companion with the destination of Chicago

3. get my picture taken in front of the bean in Chicago [ September 2017 ]

4. fly a kite on a beach [ June 2017 ]

5. be a part of something that is bigger than myself [Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Peace Walk at Central Michigan University, Monday, January 19]

6. be part of a flash mob

7. attend a Gatsby-like Party

8. fall head over heels in love with my life [summer 2015 and beyond]

9. go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY, NY

10. watch a sunrise on a roof

11. learn how to play an instrument

12. master how to successfully drive a stick shift

13. do yoga on top of a roof

14. be able to do my splits again

15. scorpion

16. be in the best shape of my life (these are my years of prime, why don’t I live it up to the best of my ability)

17. study abroad in College [ Spring 2018, London ]

18. be spontaneously kissed [ May 2016 ]

19. go on a cute study date. destination: library [Finals Week Spring Semester at CMU]

20. go on a cute date. destination: hole in the wall coffee house [ Uptown CoffeeHouse @Howell, MI May 13th, 2016, solo date! ]

21. witness the ball dropping in Times Square in NYC

22. be in two places (states) at once [ May 2017 ]

23. be on a stage and look up to see my face on a jumbo-tron

24. hike a mountain [ Slaughter Ridge, Alaska – summer 2016 ]

25. have a campfire with a community of believers: singing, praising, dancing, laughing the night away… [Rend Collective] [summer 2015 w SpringHill WM2 staff]

26. walk the streets of Paris in the rain without an umbrella (because that’s the only way to do it right) [ February 2018 ]

27. shoot a bear (with my camera) [ Summer 2016 – Talkeetna & Anchorage, AK ]

28. save a life [ Summer 2016 – Grizzly Ridge co-worker ]

29. camp out in a hammock under the stars [ fav me is at SpringHill on the sledding Hill, Fall 2017, His House Retreat ]

30. stay up late talking about everything with somebody(s)  [ Fall 2015 in Woldt Hall, Room 007 w. Abigail & Brad ]

31. be single, intentionally date a man of God well, get engaged, get married to the love of my life, buy a place to stay and make it our a home, have children / adopt and raise a God serving, loving, and adventurous family (order specific) – [ May 2017, tbc. ]

32. start a collection of taking pictures of street names that are of people’s names that I know and showing the pictures and locations of their names [ summer 2015 and continuing ]

33. travel out of my home country (USA) [ Canada & Europe, Spring 2018 ]

34. get 100 followers on my blog [ January 2018 ]

35. own a polaroid camera and go on a photo shoot with a friend

36. see a play on Broadway [ The Lion King, London, England May 2018 w. sister Nicole ]

37. travel to Seattle, Washington [ June 1st, 2016 ]

38. ride a horse bare back

39. go skinny dipping in the dark

40. go hiking in Colorado [ October 2016 & November 2017 w. Katie Rae, Abigail, & others ]

41. successfully be able to recite the lyrics to Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (from “Mary Poppins”)

42. jump off a cliff (into the deep water below) [ summer 2015 road trip to Ohiopyle, PA w fam ]

43. fly in an airplane [ June 1st, 2016 to Alaska, USA, solo! ]

44. read the Bible cover to cover [ 2013 ]

45. go shopping in Beverly Hills, California on Rodeo Drive (and maybe or maybe not actually purchase something)

46. do a Polar Plunge – Special Olympics

47. play hide and go seek in IKEA

48. take my picture with parrots

49. go on a hot air balloon ride

50. be an extra in a film

51. crash a wedding [ Summer 2016 – Ludington w. Nikki, Dylan, and Nick ]

52. go white water rafting [summer 2015 road trip to Ohiopyle, PA w. fam]

53. attend a Detroit Tigers baseball game [ May 2016 w. my Fam Jam! ]

54. attend a Detroit Red Wings hockey game

55. run a marathon

56. go to an active volcano

57. live through an earthquake (that I can physically feel)

58. see Mt. Rushmore (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln I’m coming for ya) [ May 2017, w. CMU Summer Alternative Break ]

59. take a nice ride on a sail boat

60. go crowd surfing at a concert or something like that

61. travel to all 50 states (in the US) by the time I’m 50 years young (20+ down)

62. climb a really high tree [ May 2017 at Eastern Michigan University ]

63. sleep on a trampoline

64. baptize somebody somewhere cool [ March, 2017 ] !!

65. go to a drive in movie

66. eat a picnic in a treehouse

67. crank my neck upward at the Sistine Chapel [ 24 March 2018 w. my mum ]

68. go zorbing [ Up All Night – 2016, w. Katie Rae ]

69. play eye spy on a boat in the water with whales or sharks or dolphins [June 4th, 2016]

70. hike in the Grand Canyon National Park

71. ride an elephant

72. visit all FIVE Great Lakes: Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario, Lake Superior [ L.Michigan, L.Huron, and L.Superior – road trip w. fam & K.Rae to Pictured Rocks summer 2015 ]

73. build a fort out of blankets and have a sleep over in it

74. salsa dance with random strangers who don’t speak English

75. have one of my photos featured by Coast to Coast Central [ February, 2014 read here! ]

76. go on a mission trip and give away the clothing I brought

77. memorize the order of all of the books in the Bible

78. hold a bouquet of balloons with a photo to prove it

79. dance in a field full of wildflowers [ summer 2017 ]

80. have a bonfire on a beach

81. go to Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, MI [ July 2017 ]

82. eat Chinese food on a picnic [ Fall 2016 at CMU ]

83. Visit Boston, MA

84. never complete my bottomless bucket list by continuously adding new things for me to do/try and expand my comfort zone


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