bottomless bucket list

1. Go on a heads / tales road trail (flip a coin twice: 2 heads means turn left, 1 tail and 1 head tail means continue strait, 2 tails means turn right. Ride On!) Holland, MI|May 2017

2. ride a train with a cool companion with the destination of Chicago

3. get my picture taken in front of the bean in Chicago

4. fly a kite on a beach [ June 2017 ]

5. be a part of something that is bigger than myself [Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Peace Walk at Central Michigan University, Monday, January 19]

6. be part of a flash mob

7. attend a Gatsby-like Party

8. fall head over heels in love with my life [summer 2015 and beyond]

9. go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY, NY

10. watch a sunrise on a roof

11. learn how to play an instrument

12. master how to successfully drive a stick shift

13. do yoga on top of a roof

14. be able to do my splits again

15. scorpion

16. be in the best shape of my life (these are my years of prime, why don’t I live it up to the best of my ability)

17. be kissed by a random stranger

18. be spontaneously kissed [May 2016]

19. go on a cute study date. destination: library [Finals Week Spring Semester at CMU]

20. go on a cute date. destination: hole in the wall coffee house [Uptown CoffeeHouse @Howell, MI May 13th, 2016]

21. witness the ball dropping in Times Square in NYC

22. be in two places (states) at once [ May 2017 ]

23. be on a stage and look up to see my face on a jumbo-tron

24. hike a mountain [ Slaughter Ridge – summer 2016 ]

25. have a campfire with a community of believers: singing, praising, dancing, laughing the night away… [Rend Collective] [summer 2015 w SpringHill WM2 staff]

26. walk the streets of Paris in the rain without an umbrella (because that’s the only way to do it right)

27. shoot a bear (with my camera) [ Summer 2016 – Talkeetna & Anchorage, AK ]

28. save a life [ Summer 2016 – Grizzly Ridge co-worker ]

29. camp out in a hammock under the stars

30. stay up late talking about everything with somebody(s)  [fall 2015 in Woldt Hall room 007]

31. date a man of God well, get engaged, get married to the love of my life, buy a place to stay and make it our a home, have children and adopt and raise a God serving, loving, and adventurous family (order specific) – May 2017

32. start a collection of taking pictures of street names that are of people’s names that I know and showing the pictures and locations of their names [summer 2015 and continuing]

33. travel out of my home country (USA) Canada (too young to really remember)

34. get 100 followers on my blog

35. own a polaroid camera and go on a photo shoot with a friend

36. see a play on Broadway

37. travel to Seattle, Washington [June 1st, 2016]

38. ride a horse bare back

39. go skinny dipping in the dark

40. go hiking in Colorado (weekend with gal pals, October 2016)

41. successfully be able to recite the lyrics to Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (from “Mary Poppins”)

42. jump off a cliff (into the deep water below) [summer 2015 road trip to Ohiopyle, PA w fam]

43. fly in an airplane [June 1st, 2016]

44. read the Bible cover to cover [2013]

45. go shopping in Beverly Hills, California on Rodeo Drive (and maybe or maybe not actually purchase something)

46. do a Polar Plunge – Special Olympics

47. play hide and go seek in IKEA

48. take my picture with parrots

49. go on a hot air balloon ride

50. be an extra in a film

51. crash a wedding [ Summer 2016 – ___ with Nikki, Dylan, and Nick ]

52. go white water rafting [summer 2015 road trip to Ohiopyle, PA w/ fam]

53. attend a Detroit Tigers baseball game [May 2016 w/ my Fam Jam!]

54. attend a Detroit Red Wings hockey game

55. run a marathon

56. go to an active volcano

57. live through an earthquake (that I can physically feel)

58. see Mt. Rushmore (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln I’m coming for ya) [ May 2017 ]

59. take a nice ride on a sail boat

60. go crowd surfing at a concert or something like that

61. travel to all 50 states (in the US) by the time I’m 50 years young (20+ down)

62. climb a really high tree – May 2017 at Eastern Michigan University

63. sleep on a trampoline

64. baptize somebody somewhere cool (March, 2017) !!

65. go to a drive in movie

66. eat a picnic in a treehouse (and if I have to build a treehouse and have a picnic by myself, so be it)

67. crank my neck upward at the Sistine Chapel

68. go zorbing [Up All Night – 2016 w/ Katie Rae]

69. play eye spy on a boat in the water with whales or sharks or dolphins [June 4th, 2016]

70. hike in the Grand Canyon National Park

71. ride an elephant

72. visit all FIVE Great Lakes: Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario, Lake Superior [L.Michigan, L.Huron, and L.Superior – road trip w fam & K.Rae to Pictured Rocks summer 2015]

73. build a fort out of blankets and have a sleep over in it

74. salsa dance with random strangers who don’t speak English

75. have one of my photos featured by Coast to Coast Central [February, 2014 read here!]

76. go on a mission trip and give away the clothing I brought

77. memorize the order of all of the books in the Bible

78. hold a bouquet of balloons with a photo to prove it

79. dance in a field full of daises

80. have a bonfire on a beach

81. go to Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park in Grand Rapids, MI [ July 2017 ]

82. eat Chinese food on a picnic [ Fall 2016 at CMU ]

83. Visit Boston, MA

84. never complete my bottomless bucket list by continuously adding new things for me to do/try and step out of my comfort zone


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