Not just soccer skills, but so much more:

1. Thinking Creatively – far more than merely thinking outside the box, through experience I have learned various creative practices: in the means of designing and constructing garments for fashion classes, to blueprinting and assembling trend boards. As a leader creative thinking has improved my ability to express my ideas, verbally and nonverbally, in various out-of-the-norm ways.

2. Easily engaged with people  – when I walk into a room I can easily start a conversation with someone. I learned this skill by continuously challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone and have expanded my horizons in doing so. As a leader, being able to easily engage with people has helped with my networking, as well as being able to encourage others to step outside of their comfort zones and grow in their faith and as an individual.

4. Public speaking – I was able to discover and develop my public speaking skills with the aid of my 8th grade public speaking teacher, Mr. Bliznik. It is easy for me to carry on a conversation with anyone, however the first thing I like to do before I speak is listen. This aspect of listening and then speaking has helped me as a leader become more in-tune and aware to what it is those I’m conversing with truly needs/wants. This aspect has helped me in the realm of leadership roles as well as in everyday living.

5. Adaptable and flexible: Wait, Danielle, there was no skill numbered number 3? Well why don’t we just roll with it? It was through realization that I learned that nothing was ever going to go exactly my way and I needed to come to terms with that. Once I was able to accept that an entire new atmosphere of ideas and a way of living was revealed to me. Being adaptable and flexible has allowed me as a leader to quickly adapt to change. I have found ways to make the most of what little to no resources I have available to me, as well as being more calm when things don’t go as planned while in leadership positions.

My list of skills is not confined to just these above.
It continues to grow and develop every day and I am thankful for that.
How boring life would be if I knew everything already?
Three cheers for learning new things.
Hip-hip hooray x 3 👏👏👏

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