LAS in Detroit – LEAD Team

It's my third year on campus, and I finally got placed on the LAS in Detroit LEAD Team. My co-lead was Conner so the excitement continued. DAY 1:  PART 1 - Jalen Rose Leadership Academy. 15000 Trojan St., Detroit, MI 48235 As a leader, we led our group members from the LAS freshman class to... Continue Reading →


Father’s Day

"Father's Day noun. 1. a day, usually the third Sunday in June, set aside in honor of fathers." It's a celebratory time for most, but (in reality) not everyone is blessed with an earthy father that is actively present in their lives. That's where this song steps in. It's written by the group Beasts of... Continue Reading →

Destination: Detroit (2)

I decided to break it into a 3 part piece highlighting my adventures of the past few days: Part 1: This past Tuesday I was able to travel to Highland Park in Detroit, MI to work with the kids at 323 (Highland Park Community Outreach) during their after school ministry program. This was my second... Continue Reading →

Destination: DETROIT

When you're willing to go, God will take you places. This past Thursday and Friday was to Detroit, MI.   A group of students from the His House CMU community decided to be extra intentional with their days, volunteering at 323 Ministries in Highland Park, Detroit, MI. (Why 323? Inspired by Colossians 3:23 "Whatever you do, work... Continue Reading →

Theory Application Connection

Making connections is a mind-boggling concept. Like when you and a complete stranger realize that you both know the same someone, you have a connection that sets you apart from you and another complete stranger. Another type of connection that is eye-opening is when you make connections form what you are learning in school to... Continue Reading →

Detroit, Rock City

Blessed are we that are a part of the Leadership Institute (LI) at Central Michigan University. There are endless connections and opportunities that stem from these two. One opportunity that I had was going and serving in Detroit for a weekend. The service leadership experience was beneficial for the community we served and also culturally... Continue Reading →


Detroit – the motor city capitol of the world. Some may argue that Detroit has fallen, but in my opinion as well as the opinions of others, Detroit is still standing strong. I am aware that there are social issues surrounding Detroit – such as flaws in the education system, frequent home vacancy, and a... Continue Reading →

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