02.27.2017 || 3:30 AM

I've been encouraging myself to share more of my past writings. So here one is: "02.27.2017 || 3:30 AM For some reason there is part of us that doesn't mind getting friendly-teased or jokingly picked on or given a 'hard time'. Not in a mean, bully-like way, but in an innocent almost flirtatious-like way. You... Continue Reading →



REAL doesn’t actually look like a word when you look at it for a long time - or for a short time for that matter. // Thoughts concerning the REAL reason(s) why I got my hair chopped . . . 💇🏼 // THE stylist continued snipping the scissors as bits of hair continued to fall... Continue Reading →


I have this fire within my soul, ignited by the LORD almighty. 🔥 Still today it’s burning bright, fueled by the Holy Spirit. Just as the moon reflects the light of the sun in the night, 🌙 I reflect the Son, the Light of the world, in our dark and fallen world. This little light of mine,... Continue Reading →

DAY 001 || YEAR 021

As I begin another adventure filled trip around the sun, I reflect on a journal entry my (roughly) 13-year-old self wrote. I didn’t know then the truth in which it would resonate with me many years later. [ PSA - the original grammar remains, so please excuse the (many) mistakes in advance ] “Some people are... Continue Reading →

Leaping in Faith ↓↑

Last year, at the end of my freshman year at Central Michigan University, one of my Leadership classes had us write a time capsule to our future graduating-selves. One of the questions asked was along the lines of "Were there any opportunities you did not take this year that you regret?" I brutally answered truthfully. I regretted not... Continue Reading →

stop, and think…

Do you ever just stop, and think? Let's say, about birds? How when they fly in big flocks they don't need distinct turn signals to change direction all at once, They just effortlessly do it. What about laughter? Do you ever just stop, and think about how unique laughter is? Each person has their own,... Continue Reading →

Old Man. Orange T-shirt. CiCi’s Pizza.

Do you ever get that sudden feeling in the pit of your stomach to go and strike up a conversation with a complete stranger? Maybe you do, maybe you don't. But more recently than not I've found myself fighting that itching urge. God calling me to work for SpringHill Day Camps and me answering that call has given... Continue Reading →

Three Little Birds

Three little birds I buried today. They were found by a dear friend freshly dead under a nearby tree. Initially taken back in awe of the situation, we scrounged for the nearest shovel, giving them a proper burial and sending them off with love. Their death remains unknown to me. Maybe there was a predator. Maybe it was... Continue Reading →

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