S T R I P E / O N

Stripes are (still) in, and folks they're here to stay. Whether you're dressing warm in the winter chill or cool in the summer heat, stripes are sure to dress up, dress down, or simply complete your ensemble of choice. Featured here is a Fashionista who is ready to take her school by storm. Let's take an... Continue Reading →


Gaining Confidence One Ounce at a Time (but not how expected)

  •THE BEST WAY TO GAIN CONFIDENCE IS TO DO THINGS YOU ARE AFRAID OF DOING• Those infamous words of Swati Sharma are not taken lightly, especially for one who has struggled with self confidence for a long time running. So, I did a thing. Last semester I was approached by a fellow CMU student... Continue Reading →

Fun Fashion Frenzy

So my major here at Central Michigan University is Fashion Merchandising & Design. The Registered Student Organization (RSO) that is specifically for Fashion majors/minors is the Fashion Association of Merchandising & Design (FAMD), and I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to be a part of it!   FAMD is an organization has given... Continue Reading →

2.27.2014 ❌ END IT MOVEMENT ❌

Today, February 27th, 2015, Freedom Fighters from around the world shined a light on modern day slavery. Putting a red "X" on your hand was a nonverbal way of recognizing that slaver still exists and that you were not going to stand for it. Called, The END IT MOVEMENT, to work towards putting an end to... Continue Reading →

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