Challenge Accepted – LeaderShape Institute 2016

After arriving home from college less than 24 hours ago, I hopped back in a vehicle to make the drive to Albion College. 120+ students from Central Michigan University were already there, wrapping up Day 1 of the LeaderShape Institute. I had been asked by CMU Leadership Institute to help facilitate the Challenge Course during Day 2 … More Challenge Accepted – LeaderShape Institute 2016

Moments of Leadership

[inspired by course COM 461 L Communication in Leadership // prof. Elizabeth Carlson] Communication and leadership. How are they connected? When do you use them? How do you use them? These are just a few questions that were bounced around during the introductory days of this course. Now we are in the depths of the nitty … More Moments of Leadership

Lunch Buddies

College has many neat aspects, one of which is that you get to choose your schedule. A lot of students choose not to have Friday classes. I willingly fell into the trap of craving a three-day weekend, but I also decided to go to school on Fridays, just in a different capacity than “lecture hall.” Each Friday I (along … More Lunch Buddies

5 Insider Tips for Thriving (& Surviving) in Philosophy Class

phi·los·o·phy fəˈläsəfē/ noun the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline. a particular system of philosophical thought. plural noun: philosophies the study of the theoretical basis of a particular branch of knowledge or experience. That word had been tossed and turned in my vocabulary, but I had … More 5 Insider Tips for Thriving (& Surviving) in Philosophy Class

Eagle Village – the land of obstacles and opportunities

Her name is Emily Baier. * She is my quirky comrade. Who also doubles as my merry mentee. We had the opportunity of a lifetime to spend a weekend together (9/12/15-9/13/15) with the rest of the Leader Advancement Scholars from the sophomore and freshman class from Central Michigan University. We packed our bags and headed north, to … More Eagle Village – the land of obstacles and opportunities

A Day of Competition (wrapped tightly into one post)

February 28th, 2015. A big day in Central Michigan University (CMU) and Leadership Institute (LI) history. It was Competition Day for the incoming freshman class for the Leader Advancement Scholar (LAS) recipients of 2015. Central Michigan University has the best college Leadership program in the country and I think it is time that we start giving … More A Day of Competition (wrapped tightly into one post)