The Delicate Balance of Work & Play

What is 'work and play' must function in a delicate balance for a travel enthusiast to be able to explore the world while still making a dime (or two). So let me tell you... When the opportunity presented itself to work for a company that allowed me to travel and have fun working while being... Continue Reading →


Challenge Accepted – LeaderShape Institute 2016

After arriving home from college less than 24 hours ago, I hopped back in a vehicle to make the drive to Albion College. 120+ students from Central Michigan University were already there, wrapping up Day 1 of the LeaderShape Institute. I had been asked by CMU Leadership Institute to help facilitate the Challenge Course during Day 2... Continue Reading →

Moments of Leadership

[inspired by course COM 461 L Communication in Leadership // prof. Elizabeth Carlson] Communication and leadership. How are they connected? When do you use them? How do you use them? These are just a few questions that were bounced around during the introductory days of this course. Now we are in the depths of the nitty... Continue Reading →

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Okay, so we we aren't monkeys exactly. Yes, some days we're goofy enough together that it may be easily mistaken, but I wouldn't trade that for the world. Emily (my mentee in LAS) and I were able to connect and build a solid foundation for our friendship/mentorship during her first semester at CMU. Gradually I did as... Continue Reading →

Lunch Buddies

College has many neat aspects, one of which is that you get to choose your schedule. A lot of students choose not to have Friday classes. I willingly fell into the trap of craving a three-day weekend, but I also decided to go to school on Fridays, just in a different capacity than "lecture hall." Each Friday I (along... Continue Reading →

Theory Application Connection

Making connections is a mind-boggling concept. Like when you and a complete stranger realize that you both know the same someone, you have a connection that sets you apart from you and another complete stranger. Another type of connection that is eye-opening is when you make connections form what you are learning in school to... Continue Reading →

From Mentee to Mentor (and back again)

College is cool. Not gonna lie the thought of it kind of wracked my nerves coming into it nearly 8 months ago. Luckily I did not have to go through this adventure alone. Through the Leader Advancement Scholarship (LAS) I was able to receive a mentor, Claire, who is now also my awesome best friend. The tables... Continue Reading →

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