Make Your Mission More Than a Trip

Time after time I've wondered if anyone would ever uncover a 'cure' for those post-mission trip blues... If you've ever gone on a mission trip, you know that your sole focus is Jesus. Serving others in Jesus' name, building intentional relationships with others, inspiring,  encouraging, and challenging each other to grow closer in their relationship... Continue Reading →


empty / half-empty / half-full / overflowing

Have you heard of the Bucket Man? He encouraged others to be kind, fill people's buckets (not be a bucket dipper), make them feel important, love them, and live life with them? (click here to learn more) Well, as followers of Christ we are called to be bucket fillers. If you call yourself a Christian, by definition you are a... Continue Reading →

Do Me a Favor & Please Assume

as·sume əˈso͞om/ verb 1. suppose to be the case, without proof. "Assume" is just one of those words that when used, often has a negative connotation. It's often attached to uncertain situations leading to disappointed feelings. I'm sure many have heard of the old saying that goes, "When you assume, you make an a$$ out of you and me, (a$$-u-me)."... Continue Reading →

Just BE.

AS humans, we have this thing within us, this thing that constantly wants to be filled with doing something and not wanting to be alone. It’s as if, when we have even the slightest break (in our day to day lives) we feel the necessity to fill it, with something, someone, anything. Usually it’s most... Continue Reading →

The Day I Met Joe

So there's this quaint little local hole-in-the-wall coffee shop close to campus called Kaya. Every Wednesday there is open mike night. Some nights are filled with poetry. Some are filled with cover and original music. Some are filled with stand up comedy. Some nights there's a combination of all of the above. There's something in common... Continue Reading →


There was a song that spoke to me this morning as I woke up especially early specifically so I could practice my yoga. The lyrics read: Set a fire down in my soul That I can't contain That I can't control ( Set a Fire by Jesus Culture ) It is Day Eleven and it's not that I... Continue Reading →

Day 4 || Feelin’ Frisky

Good Morning World. There's an old saying that goes, "Wake up an hour earlier, to live an hour more." So we tried it. Lemme tell you something. As a college student, or as a human being in general, rising up for yoga at 8:00am is a lot more bearable when you have an amazing friend to... Continue Reading →

Everyday is an Unannounced Holiday

January 12, 2015. Today is National Clean Off Your Desk Day. Disregarding that, Today is also Stick To Your New Year's Resolutions Day. Here we are, twelve days after the fact. Let's see what I'm going to be up to this wonderful year: 1. love myself more: to be more comfortable and confident in my... Continue Reading →

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