Fighting for a Stronger Flint

Saturday 09/24/2016 - wake up call: 5:55 AM. My companions and I arrived earlier than the masses, as we were helping lead the volunteer trip. We met up with our co-lead, staked out a meeting area for our group. 142 students from Central Michigan University loaded up onto busses to make the haul from Mount... Continue Reading →


the way nature speaks: sometimes silently and sometimes in screams

It says hello through the whistle of the wind and waves goodbye through the gentle sway of tree branches in the breeze It says I am powerful through the crashing waves in a big body of water, in a meandering river downstream somewhere quaint, in a small waterfall tucked in the midst of canopy trees It acknowledges us as the sun shines down on bare... Continue Reading →

Father’s Day

"Father's Day noun. 1. a day, usually the third Sunday in June, set aside in honor of fathers." It's a celebratory time for most, but (in reality) not everyone is blessed with an earthy father that is actively present in their lives. That's where this song steps in. It's written by the group Beasts of... Continue Reading →

Adventures in Michigan: Holland

Some of the best adventures are those that can be found right outside your backyard. A few weekends ago I got to travel across the state of Michigan to visit with a friend and go on some adventures with their family. We took the opportunity to visit Holland, MI for the annual Tulip Time Festival. Going and discovering the beauty... Continue Reading →

Detroit, Rock City

Blessed are we that are a part of the Leadership Institute (LI) at Central Michigan University. There are endless connections and opportunities that stem from these two. One opportunity that I had was going and serving in Detroit for a weekend. The service leadership experience was beneficial for the community we served and also culturally... Continue Reading →

A Guide To Camping Out In a Hotel Room

Spring Break 2015 (disregarding the fact that it actually came before the initial start of Spring, which is today) An enjoyable experience: I traveled to St. Louis, MO with my work Toe To Toe Dance Wear. We travel and sell professional ballroom dance shoes at various dance competitions and conventions around the states. In our... Continue Reading →

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