Kissed by the Sun ☀️

It's that time again - S U M M E R T I M E ! ☀️ The sun is out the weather is warm and the drinks are cold. Clothing to cover up is sparse and (frankly) comparison is on the rise. You may find yourself questioning your own beauty even after trying to convince... Continue Reading →



I have this fire within my soul, ignited by the LORD almighty. 🔥 Still today it’s burning bright, fueled by the Holy Spirit. Just as the moon reflects the light of the sun in the night, 🌙 I reflect the Son, the Light of the world, in our dark and fallen world. This little light of mine,... Continue Reading →

Food ‘n’ Mood Journal

March Second. People take note this is already month number three. Relevant question, please don't take offense: How are we doing on our New Year's Resolutions? 'Ouch.' Touchy subject? Well, it's time to evaluate your progress and re-evaluate your methods of controlling the madness. That's why yesterday I decided to start a journal. No, not... Continue Reading →

TELL ME WHY || Day Ten

TED. No, not the kind fellow from third floor, but rather ideas worth spreading. How Great Leaders Inspire Action by: Simon Sinek Worth the eighteen minutes and measly one second that it will take to watch it; albeit you will probably re-listen to certain parts as I did, for the words spoken sent chills up my spine... Continue Reading →

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