stop, and think…

Do you ever just stop, and think? Let's say, about birds? How when they fly in big flocks they don't need distinct turn signals to change direction all at once, They just effortlessly do it. What about laughter? Do you ever just stop, and think about how unique laughter is? Each person has their own,... Continue Reading →


SpringHill: where faith and fun combine in upmost harmony

SpringHill - a summer camp for kids. I was a counselor for Day Camps - where we travel around to different locations bringing camp to the kids at the various churches and schools that hosted us... an experience of a lifetime. My home team was based out of the West Michigan 2 (WM2) area, and these... Continue Reading →

Back to the Basics

It happened at church one week ago today: The computer malfunctioned, as modern technology seems to do, leaving the lyric screen black as night. The band continued to play and the worshiping marched on, but it got me thinking. What if there were no lyrics on the screen? What if there was no sophisticated sound system,... Continue Reading →

Face to Face ↓↑

Sunday morning of March 29th, 2015. My dance team, Audience of One, danced to Face to Face by Kim Walker-Smith & Skyler Smith. I admit that I may have messed up, but that's perfectly okay because I praised God through my imperfections. Today's discussed topic was dating. Going steady. Courtship. Whatever your vocabulary calls it. It was... Continue Reading →


From the small town of Hartland, Michigan to the fairly large campus of Central Michigan University. Not too large of a move, but I knew CMU was to be my home away from home as soon as I was welcomed into the community of His House CMU. Full of authentic worship and relevant teachings, it truly is a... Continue Reading →

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