Inside Look: SpotLight LEAD Team

LEAD Teams are a neat thing actually. They are a way for people to gather together and excel one another as leaders within the Leadership Institute (LI) and all around the campus of Central Michigan University. All the LEAD Teams within the LI never reach stagnant status, but are rather constantly being changed, renovated, and occasionally... Continue Reading →


LeaderShape – shaping a leader

You say the word "LeaderShape" among a group of CMU student leaders and hype swiftly rockets high into the sky. They said that it was an experience that you simply could not explain and you simply had to go. So I went. I went with the mentality of, "Okay, LeaderShape. Change my life." I'm not here to tell... Continue Reading →

Detroit, Rock City

Blessed are we that are a part of the Leadership Institute (LI) at Central Michigan University. There are endless connections and opportunities that stem from these two. One opportunity that I had was going and serving in Detroit for a weekend. The service leadership experience was beneficial for the community we served and also culturally... Continue Reading →


Detroit – the motor city capitol of the world. Some may argue that Detroit has fallen, but in my opinion as well as the opinions of others, Detroit is still standing strong. I am aware that there are social issues surrounding Detroit – such as flaws in the education system, frequent home vacancy, and a... Continue Reading →

Fred: He’s Not Your Ordinary Mailman.

We were presented with the book Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn (with a foreword by John C. Maxwell) and a vague, short set of directions. (follow this link to hear the story of the inspiring, extraordinary mailman named Fred) The text was not a required reading, so we'll skip right to the short set of directions, as we... Continue Reading →

Connections Conference [Reflection]

Destination: Great Wolf Lodge, Traverse City, Michigan Attendees: LAS fam jam + fellow leaders of CMU What did we do? We packed our bags, hopped on a bus and headed north. Connections Conference 2014 - Built to last. Filled with various seminars and food and a Magic Show by our very own Trino. Here's an... Continue Reading →

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