Oh, Little One

I love babysitting. Sometimes though kids would ask the darnedest questions. More than often I'd have particularly younger girls asking me if I had a boyfriend. At the time, I politely said no (with a smile). As if I gave a repulsive answer they would gasp and quickly follow-up, "Why not?!" Now, at the time... Continue Reading →


02.27.2017 || 3:30 AM

I've been encouraging myself to share more of my past writings. So here one is: "02.27.2017 || 3:30 AM For some reason there is part of us that doesn't mind getting friendly-teased or jokingly picked on or given a 'hard time'. Not in a mean, bully-like way, but in an innocent almost flirtatious-like way. You... Continue Reading →

My Door is Always Open

"My door is always open, kettle is always on, and my sofa is always warm and a place of peace and no-judgement. Anyone who needs to chat is welcome anytime. It's no good suffering in silence. I have snacks in the cupboard, cold drinks in the fridge, tea & coffee in the jars, and I... Continue Reading →

30 Seconds of Bravery

One of my favorite things about writing is that I know I don't have to do it alone. Sometimes a topic or idea is placed in my head or on my heart, but alone I can only reach so far - this is one of those times! I had an idea and wanted input from... Continue Reading →

caring ≠ worrying

So, one thing I have noticed through the years is that I care deeply about lots of people. I've pin-pointed that the main way lots of us show our care to others is through the act of worrying. We figure that we care about them, love them, want the best for them, and we think... Continue Reading →

Fighting for a Stronger Flint

Saturday 09/24/2016 - wake up call: 5:55 AM. My companions and I arrived earlier than the masses, as we were helping lead the volunteer trip. We met up with our co-lead, staked out a meeting area for our group. 142 students from Central Michigan University loaded up onto busses to make the haul from Mount... Continue Reading →

these people make His House feel like home

His House Christian Fellowship is a campus ministry and here at Central Michigan University is pretty well known. My freshman year I attended for the first time (because it was recommended to me by an alumi from my hometown). I was immersed with community. I could tell this place was unique. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Last year I... Continue Reading →

A Letter from the (un)Birthday Gal

I'd like to begin by giving a huge THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who wished me a happy birthday today. Your kind words, thoughts, and wishes are genuinely appreciated, brought smiles to my face, and a warmth to my heart. BUT to clarify, today is not the actual day I was born into this world... April Fools' Day,... Continue Reading →

empty / half-empty / half-full / overflowing

Have you heard of the Bucket Man? He encouraged others to be kind, fill people's buckets (not be a bucket dipper), make them feel important, love them, and live life with them? (click here to learn more) Well, as followers of Christ we are called to be bucket fillers. If you call yourself a Christian, by definition you are a... Continue Reading →

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